The strategic center for converting technologies (NBIC), supervised by the presidential deputy for science and technology, has made an attempt to produce dry electrodes for electrocardiography (Innova

Date : 2017-11-28

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The purpose of this plan is to promote self-reliance and supply domestic requirements. The organizers of this challenge are determined to meet the needs of industrial centers by attracting the participation of Iranian researchers and innovators.

The main issue and the pivotal aim of such innovative plan is to develop the operational methods for designing and production of dry electrocardiography (EEG) electrodes by creative institutes, researchers, inventors, faculty members and university/research center students from Iran and other countries.
Electroencephalography has long been used in clinical medicine for diagnosis of brain injuries, psychological disorders, sleep researches and other purposes. According to the medical evidence, the use of brain waves for controlling machines and treatment of neural disorders (such as paralysis of limbs) is progressively increasing.
Routinely, EEG recording with scalp electrodes requires the application of gel to reduce the impedance between the scalp and the electrode surface. However, this in turn causes some problems including skin dryness, stickiness and hygienic concerns. The aforementioned innovative challenge has addressed a new class of electrodes (called dry electrodes) requiring no gel application or scalp preparation for EEG recording.
Interested investigators can participate in this challenge free of charge and receive our supportive facilities (300 million Rilas in the first step) and prizes (300 million Rilas) for the final selected ones as well as facilities for commercialization in the second step.
The secretary of the “Innovation and technology challenge” has announced that this plan is organized in two steps and interested academic researchers, innovators and knowledge-based companies can send their proposals to the secretary ( For further information about the challenge details (registration, prizes, conditions etc.), please see the challenge website.