The 3rd plan of “Messengers of brain and cognition in “Science promotion week” supported by the student committee of CSTC

Date : 2017-11-14

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During the third week of Aban 96, the plan of “Messengers of brain and cognition was held in schools and research centers around Iran.

This plan included 1-2 hours lectures by distinguished students of medicine, engineering and psychology to introduce cognitive sciences and technologies, wall papers presenting new events in cognitive sciences and student competitions. This plan was conducted by contribution of Sadra neuroscience association, student research houses in whole 22 regions of Tehran and some other cities. It should be noted that students serving as the messengers of brain and cognition in schools have already passed courses in cognitive sciences, brain dissection, neurological diseases, presentation technique and method of research in cognitive neuroscience. During the recent years, the 10 Nov. (19 Aban) has been recognized as the “Global day of science in service of peace and development”. Iranian Association for Popularization of Science (IAPS) have organized the “week of science popularization” in parallel with “The world day of science” from 2012. This aims to promote the level of plans and make an organized movement in contribution with domestic institutions and scientific/cultural organizations.