The 6th congress of Iranian psychology association was held in Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

Date : 2017-11-18

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The purpose of this congress was to develop specialized and essential conversations in psychology and evaluation of the recent progress within the scope of interdisciplinary efforts.

The congress was held during 3 days and supported by the CSTC and other institutions. Other main purposes of this program were the following items: getting familiar with the applications of psychology and the necessity of physiological services in society (from prevention to appropriate interventions). The congress organizers believe that due to progressive growth and development of psychology and related fields of science in the contemporary world, specialists and interested individuals have to get acquainted with the last experiences and achievements in psychology and need to know the mindset and views of their colleagues and the ongoing scientific programs. The congress included the following specialized panels: psychology, psychological processes, psychology of psychotherapy and psychological interventions, psychology and sport, psychology of health and special diseases.

During the 3 days of this congress, lecturers presented their views, findings and comments in the context of psychology and cognitive psychology. Also, the CSTC presented books with cognitive content and introduced the research priorities and supportive policies for researchers in cognitive fields.