The head of research lab in university of Picardy (Université de Picardie Jules Verne, France) met Dr. Kharrazi and wished to enhance cooperation with Iran in cognitive sciences

Date : 2017-12-19

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Professor Fabrice Wallois, the head of research lab in university of Picardy, met Dr. Kamal Kharrazi, the CSTC secretary, and mentioned that development of a research communication network between France and Iran is necessary and wished to enhance the mutual cooperation in cognitive sciences. He attended the 6th congress of basic and clinical neuroscience and visited some Iran research centers and universities.

Dr. Wallois emphasized the capability and knowledge of Iranian professors in cognitive sciences and treatment of diseases by scientific methods. He also highlighted the point that the exchange of experience and research findings is the instrumental element for development of cooperation and communication between the two countries. Professor Wallois also suggested to make a common network consisting of Iranian and French professors in order to cooperate in execution of research and clinical projects for the treatment of infants’ diseases. He added that university of Picardy in France is quite ready for the achievement of this purpose.

This French researcher also met the CSTC advisors and admired the valuable attempts made by Iranian researchers for finding effective therapeutic strategies. He added that one of his main purposes from traveling to Iran and visiting research centers is to present a clear picture from the results of using novel therapeutic methods in research plans conducted in French research centers. Currently, this scientist and his colleagues have close cooperation with Iranian professors from Amir Kabir, Khaje Nasir toosi, Mashhad and Shiraz universities in application of fNIRS and EEG. The French research team has also contribution with an Iranian professor from Mashhad University about learning music in children and also established a satellite institute to cooperate with Iranian professors in medical areas.