Oral presentation of research plans approved by the CSTC in the 6th congress of basic and clinical neuroscience

Date : 2017-12-24

Visitor : 632

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In order to investigate the progress of research plans approved by the CSTC and to exchange viewpoints between the organizers and supervisors, oral reports were presented in the 6th basic and clinical neuroscience congress, Razi International Conference Center, Tehran.

In this meeting, many professors and experts from fields of cognitive neuroscience, modeling, psychology, linguistics, education and cognitive technologies attended. During this session, supervisors of more than 50 approved research plans assessed the level of progress in projects as well as the related concerns. In this regard, the research plans of pioneer groups approved by the CSTC included optogenetics (light-evoked stimulation of nerve cells), neuro-developmental disorders and brain implants. These projects are being performed with cooperation of Tehran, Shahid Beheshti, Sharif, Tarbiat Modares, Amir Kabir and Ferdowsi Universities as well as other research centers. The CSTC’s group of research, technology and infra-structure has announced that these research plans are expected to be finalized within 2 years and the obtained results will be used in rehabilitation, clinic and development of technology. It should be mentioned that the CSTC’s exhibition stand was active in this congress and attempt was made to introduce the ongoing activities and research projects.