Popularization of neuroscience in Iran and development of interactions among specialists throughout the world by support of the CSTC

Date : 2018-01-08

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Dr. Abbas Haghparats, the secretary of Iranian Neuroscience Society highlighted that the International Brain Research Organization (IBRO), as a center for popularization of research in cognitive neuroscience, has held 10 specialized theoretical and practical programs in Iran with presence of both Iranian and foreign scientists.

He added that these educational workshops pave the way for development of global interactions among specialists and identification of capacities and capabilities in different parts of the world particularly in developing countries.

He mentioned that IBRO has started its activities to develop neuroscience throughout the world so that researchers, students and specialists can expand the scope of their contributions in neuroscience-related fields. Dr. Haghparat mentioned that the CSTC is one of the main supporters of scientific grows in Iran which covers neuroscience, technology, enhancement of contributions and facilitation of strategies for prevention and treatment of diseases related to cognitive sciences. He added that the first Iran IBRO school was held in 2002 and in this program over 70 distinguished neuroscientist attended. He also mentioned that regarding the progressive rate of scientific growth in Iran, 10 IBRO schools (at elementary, intermediate and advanced levels) have been held during the last decade. In 2017, the first advanced IBRO school was held with both theoretical and practical approaches and we hope to have other similar advanced programs in coming years. He also added that in line with the IBRO policies we attempt to support other aspects of cognitive sciences including modeling, technology and engineering to enable the students and researchers to use sabbatical leave grants in these fields. He emphasized the point that these workshops not only provide an opportunity to indicate the scientific level of our activities in neurocognitive sciences, but also helps the foreign researchers and professors to get acquainted with our rich culture. In this regard, many PhD students have used the IBRO travel grants to attend international congresses and some have taken 6 month sabbatical leaves. Also, many of these researchers have been supported by IBRO grants to establish research labs in Iran.