In order to develop cognitive sciences and brain mapping and to exchange information among researchers, the National Brain Mapping Lab will hold a symposium entitled “the importance of radiology in br

Date : 2018-01-11

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This symposium will be held by contribution of Iranian Society of Radiology for radiologists. The main aim of this program was the popularization of cognitive sciences in brain mapping field among radiologists.

Also, updating and exchange of knowledge for researchers, faculty members, students and innovators are other purposes of this symposium.

Distinguished professors of imaging will explain the importance of radiology and brain mapping as well as the significance of interaction between these two fields for the participants. It should be noted that all radiologists, radiology assistants and specialists of related groups can attend this symposium and receive the retraining score.

The symposium will be held on February 17, 2018 in National Brain Mapping Lab, Tehran. For further information, see the following address: