Member of the Royal Melbourne neuropsychiatry hospital wished to promote cooperation with Iranian researchers for execution of common research projects

Date : 2018-01-24

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Professor Dennis Velakoulis, member of the Royal Melbourne neuropsychiatry hospital, visited the National Brain Mapping Laboratory and Tarbiat Modares University (TMU). He highlighted the necessity of increasing cooperation and exchange of experience with Iranian researchers for development of common research plans in cognitive sciences.

Professor Velakoulis was invited to Iran by Isfahan University of Medical Sciences and this invitation was supported by the CSTC. He admired the significant activities of Iranian researchers in scientific projects as well as the remarkable support and investment provided for the equipment of specialized labs in the National Bain Mapping Laboratory and Tarbiat Modares University.

In addition, Dr. Mohammad Reza Ay, the head of National Bain Mapping Laboratory, described the main activities, services, ongoing plans and the future perspective of this center. Also, some faculty members of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences and Tehran University attended in this meeting and discussed the possibility of mutual contributions between the research department of Melbourne neuropsychiatry hospital and the National Bain Mapping Laboratory.

Professor Velakoulis also attended in TMU and visited the research labs for electrophysiological and behavioral study of learning and memory, epilepsy, cognitive disorders, pain and addition. It should be noted that the National Bain Mapping Laboratory was founded under support of the CSTC to address domestic requirements in research and technology particularly the infra-structure of imaging and brain stimulation within the scope of cognitive sciences. The main activities of this research center are as follows: popularization of research in cognitive sciences and technologies, brain mapping, supporting research development, brain imaging services, brain stimulation by various methods, data analysis and processing of multidimensional brain images using high-tech equipment.