The closing ceremony of “Brain awareness week” will be held in Tehran Book Garden

Date : 2018-03-01

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The closing ceremony of “Brain Awareness Week” will be held in Tehran Book Garden (2018/03/02) with the presence of researchers and specialists of brain and neural sciences, members of art and sport societies and public audience who are interested in brain-related sciences.

The “Brain Awareness Week” is aimed to familiarize people with strategies for strengthening and improving brain abilities, promoting mind health as well as prevention, diagnosis and reduction of brain disorders. This program was held for the 3rd consecutive year under support of the CSTC. It is worthwhile to mention that the “Brain Awareness Week” was established in 1996 and is currently been recognized among more than 100 countries worldwide.


In this closing ceremony Siavash Safarianpour, as the messenger of brain and cognition as well as the program host, will have a warm conversation with the specialists of various fields and representatives of art and sport societies. Also, Adel Ferdosipour and Ehsan Ghaem-Maghami (from sport society) and Sorush Sehhat (from art society) will participate in the closing ceremony. In addition, distinguished researchers and messengers of brain and cognitive sciences will be appreciated in this ceremony. During the Brain Awareness Week, various programs, symposia and specialized meetings were held in different regions for both students and public audience. The aim of such programs was to introduce brain capabilities, improve brain functions and find strategies for the maintenance of brain health. The main aims of Brain Awareness Week was increasing brain function, facilitation of diagnosis in brain diseases and disorders, enhancement of public awareness about brain diseases and teaching people to avoid labeling patients.


During this week, 10 scientific and educational TV programs were broadcasted from different channels of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting. Also, some other programs were presented about brain awareness and special instructions were prepared in health centers and distributed throughout different provinces for increasing the general knowledge on brain-related diseases and disorders. Moreover, valuable scientific content about the child brain and the significance of brain flexibility was shared for the public audience via a telegram channel.