Dr. Kharrazi, in Ahvaz “Brain and cognition” symposium: Popularization and development of cognitive sciences requires effective interaction and cooperation among research centers

Date : 2018-02-24

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The CSTC’s secretary attended the “Brain and cognition” symposium in Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz.

. He highlighted that popularization and development of cognitive sciences in Khuzestan requires effective and extensive interaction among the research centers and universities of this province. Dr. Kharrazi mentioned that both Shahid Chamran University and Ahvaz University of Medical Sciences have great capacities and potentials to deal with the province issues and such scientific and specialized capabilities should be best used. He also described the aims and activities of the CSTC in development and popularization of cognitive sciences and added that cognitive science has an interdisciplinary nature by which we can identify the brain and mind functions and investigate social and psychological phenomena.


Dr. Kharrazi emphasized that the science of psychology is being changed and this is mainly due to the progress of cognitive sciences and emergence of novel technologies for brain studies. In the past, psychology was limited to the analysis of human behaviors with no mechanistic insight to brain functions. However, nowadays, thanks to the advanced technologies available for imaging, recording brain signals, trans-cranial magnetic stimulations and electrode implantations in brain, psychology is considered as an empirical science. Regarding the development of novel technologies, we can study the functions of a healthy brain and identify brain disorders according to the biological markers and this is a significant step for prevention and diagnosis of diseases as well as strengthening the brain and mind functionality. 


Dr. Kharrazi also mentioned that social issues are very complicated and social behaviors result from the total function of human brains in society. He added that social media is a massive pool of data and by the use of computational methods in social sciences we can model the behavior of whole society to reach a more profound understanding of social phenomena.


The CSTC’s secretary highlighted the point that there is a need to improve the interdisciplinary insight in universities and we need to make stronger connections among specialized groups and researchers of different fields. He marked the notion that in world distinguished universities specialized groups (instead departments) are formed for problem solving and all researchers who can help solving a particular issue join the group.


Along with the symposium, the CSTC’s supreme counselors described the CSTC’s activities for development of cognitive sciences and technologies, supporting research and educational sabbatical leaves, international cooperation with foreign and Iranian researchers and supporting the investment on supplying specialized lab facilities throughout the country.