13 specialized seminars will be held along with the “Brain Awareness Week”

Date : 2018-02-14

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The executive secretary of the “Brain Awareness Week” announced that in this week 13 specialized seminars will be held for students and public audience in different parts of the country.

In an interview with the news department of the CSTC, Sina Tavakoli mentioned that for the 3rd consecutive year, the “Brain Awareness Week” will be supported by the CSTC. He also added that this week includes four seminars for students, three scientific meetings in universities, five public symposia in culture houses for presenting brain capabilities and strategies for improving brain function as well as brain health and finally a seminar for social welfare entitled “Instructor Education”. Mr. Tavakoli highlighted the following items as the main aims of the Brain Awareness Week: Accelerating the diagnosis of brain disorders and diseases, increasing the public awareness about brain diseases and informing them of avoiding labeling patients.


He also mentioned that in order to increase the students’ awareness about brain and its capabilities, there are some messengers (university students in cognitive fields) who try to teach the mentioned concepts in schools and public places. Mr. Tavakoli added that in parallel with various plans for increasing the public awareness about the brain functions as well as prevention and diagnosis of brain diseases, a Telegram channel is currently active and provides useful information for the public audience in society.


It is noteworthy that Dr. Mohammad Taghi Joghataei, the supreme counselor of the CSTC, had already mentioned that increasing the brain capabilities and getting familiar with strategies to prevent the impairment of brain function are the main aims of Brain Awareness Week. He mentioned that in this week an attempt will be made to increase the level of knowledge about the brain abilities among different social classes. Dr. Joghataei emphasized that improving the brain health and capabilities is an essential need in society and the CSTC, by cooperation with other research and public institutes, tries to increase the social awareness about brain structures and function. This will pave the way to identify preventive and therapeutic methods for the management of brain disorders. The CSTC’s counselor also added that Alzheimer's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and developmental disorders are all related with nervous system dysfunctions and finding methods to decrease the impairment of brain functions is useful for treatment of these diseases. He mentioned that the CSTC tries to increase the number of “Brain and Cognition” societies in higher education centers from 30 to 50 in future.


The “Brain Awareness Week” is a global program which is going to be held for the 3rd consecutive year in different parts of our country from 23 February to 1 March 2018.