The National Brain Mapping Lab develops the international scientific cooperation

Date : 2018-04-08

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The head of national brain mapping lab described the activities of this center in last year.

He mentioned that in order to develop the range of scientific activities associated with brain mapping and cognitive sciences as well as taking benefit from the international knowledge and information, a contract has been signed between the national brain mapping lab and medical centers of Vienna. Dr. Mohammad Reza Ay added that this contract will pave the way for the use of facilities and equipment as well as the exchange of experiences and findings between Iranian and Austrian researchers. He also mentioned that the national brain mapping lab has signed contracts with 15 domestic and foreign centers and organized 5 specialized meetings, 15 skill workshops and 28 strengthening workshops to reach strategies for the execution of research projects.

Dr. Ay highlighted that in order to develop our activities in education and popularization, numerous research projects were conducted during the last year at the result of workshops held in 12 provinces in the fields of cognitive sciences and brain mapping for researchers and interested individuals. He added that in these educational workshops many researchers were instructed during two days in order to begin their research projects using the equipment and facilities of the national brain mapping lab. He also mentioned that communication and cooperation with specialists in medical fields as well as the radiologists is a critical step to reach effective strategies for treatment of brain diseases. For this purpose, the first symposium of brain mapping was held in the last year. In addition, 20 specialized educational workshops were organized to promote the brain-related sciences for researchers, students and interested people.

The head of national brain mapping lab emphasized the point that researchers from 10 provinces have been invited to use the equipment of this center. Also, during the last year 1400 people (including students and researchers) have visited this lab and a workload of more than 2200 h has been recorded. Other activities of the center were as follows: Initiation of 200 projects in 17 labs, establishment of medical care unit, signal/image processing labs, conversation hall and a web-based virtual tour. Dr. Ay also mentioned the organization of educational seminars by the national brain mapping lab in 12 provinces, 3 specialized seminars for radiologists, psychiatrists, surgeons and neurologists, two national competitions of BCI and FMRI image processing and participation in 16 related conference and supporting these events in Tehran and other cities.