Joint cognitive science laboratory of the Isfahan University of Medical Sciences and the University of Isfahan with a support of the Cognitive Science and Technology Council of Iran was equipped with

Date : 2018-10-13

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In order to develop the knowledge of cognitive science, the joint cognitive science laboratory of the Isfahan University of Medical Sciences and the University of Isfahan was equipped with an advanced eye tracker system.

The "eye tracking" system is a device that determines the position of the eyes and their movements. Eye trackers are used for the visual system research in the neuroscience and psychology labs.


Joint cognitive lab of the University of Isfahan and Isfahan University of Medical Sciences aims to develop and expand the knowledge of cognitive science at the scientific and expert centers of Isfahan Province. Currently, a number of researchers and professors in various fields of science and technology are working in this laboratory.


With the support of the CSTC, the joint cognitive science lab of these two higher education institutes has been equipped with neural recording system, Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS), and brain recording devices since last year.


Dr. Mohammad Hossein Maghami, a senior expert in the CSTC, highlighted that equipping the cognitive science lab at the University of Isfahan with the most advanced scientific devices in the field of cognitive science is within the strategic policy framework of the council.


He added that setup phase of the Isfahan cognitive science laboratory was performed at the department of Psychology of Isfahan University with installation of required devices. Subsequently, technical training will also be provided to promote scientific knowledge as well.


The senior expert in the CSTC also mentioned that with the help of researchers from various fields of the cognitive sciences, significant efforts have been made to conduct research projects at the University of Isfahan's joint cognitive science lab. The CSTC hopes that this lab will be soon be recognized by the scientific communities and the researchers in Isfahan.