A gathering of experts and researchers supported by the Cognitive Science and Technologies Council to present scientific cognitive rehabilitation strategies in psychiatric disorders in Tehran.

Date : 2018-10-23

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Cognitive and neurocognitive science professors and specialists discussed the scientific approaches to cognitive rehabilitation in psychiatric disorders at a meeting.

This special meeting was held at the initiative of the Cognitive Science and Technologies Council (CSTC) this weekend during the fifth Congress of Iranian Psychiatric Association at the conference center of Milad hospital.


Dr. Mohammad Taqi Joghataei, senior Advisor to CSTC and rehabilitation advisor to the Minister of Health and Medical Education, in this specialized conference, referring to the significance of cognitive rehabilitation in psychiatric disorders, highlighted the necessity for the scholars and expertise to provide cognitive rehabilitation strategies.


He stressed the importance of cognitive rehabilitation services in psychiatric disorders for the return of people with disabilities to the community, and pointing to the success and development of the treatment of certain diseases, said, “The need for cognitive rehabilitation services is increasing right now and will increase in the future”.


Dr. Joghataei stated that cognitive problems might be the biggest barrier to getting back to normal life. He said that cognitive problems affect the people’s abilities to perform their duties, social behaviors, and their communication with others, and puts them at risk for failure in daily routines and taking no action to treat the cognitive problems will cause the long-term effects to be destructive.


Following this scientific forum, a number of associate members of CSTC, including Dr. Mehdi Tehranidoost, and Dr. Mohammad Ghadiriand, Dr. Sarraf and Dr. Maryam Norouzian presented a report on the cognitive rehabilitation in "Autism" and "Schizophrenia", and the importance of cognitive rehabilitation in "Bipolar Disorder" and "Dementia", respectively. They reported the results of research projects sponsored by the council in the field of neurocognitive rehabilitation of psychiatric disorders.


It is worth mentioning that the Congress of Iranian Psychiatric Association is convened annually in Tehran, and professors and psychiatrists gather from around the country to present state of the art research finding.