Introduction of the research proposal of "Building a Comprehensive Autism Screening System" at the Cognitive Sciences and Technologies Council’s Aparat channel.

Date : 2018-10-15

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Another video clip, introducing the research proposal of “Building a comprehensive autism screening system”, was released on the council’s Aparat channel with the aim of promoting the knowledge of cognitive science and providing grounds for drawing interests in the various dimensions of this field.

Autism is a type of neurodevelopmental disorder in which some changes happen during the growth and the developmental stages of neurocognitive system. These changes cause the children with autism to develop differently than typically developing children.


The resultant neurodevelopmental defect causes deep mental, cognitive, psychological and, especially social and communicative constraints, and individuals within this category do not act in their daily activities as they are expected to do, considering their age and gender.


Fortunately, the area associated with the neurodevelopmental disorders has a good study record inside our country, and so far, important achievements have been published as a result of the researchers’ efforts in this field. Hence, with the growing trend of prevalence of neurodegenerative diseases and especially "autism" in the country, the Cognitive Science and Technologies Council is trying to exploit the country potential in the treatment or rehabilitation of these patients.


In this regard, the council has supported the proposal of building a comprehensive autism screening and rehabilitation assistance system, under the supervision of the faculty members from the Tehran University and the Shahid Beheshti University. Interested individuals can visit the council’s Aparat channel at to watch the video clip of this research proposal and get the necessary information.