Second call for supporting the research proposals by the Cognitive Sciences and Technologies Council

Date : 2018-10-29

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In order to improve the cognitive science knowledge, along with the goals and strategic policies, the Cognitive Sciences and Technologies Council (CSTC) announced second call for research proposals to support basic, applied and advanced technology researches.

In the framework of this call, buying foreign equipment is not supported and the development of cognitive products along with equipment and technologies used in cognitive researches is a priority.


In the second call for supporting research proposals, research committee of the CSTC has priorities for achieving to applied findings based on analyzing received proposals, reviewing results, information and experiences obtained from interaction to the scientific population of the country.   


Research proposals in the second call of this year will be received within the B and C categories. Proposals in the category of “B” belong to the executers who have focused activities in cognitive science and is been defined with the aim of supporting advancement of technologies, providing services and doing original researches within the borders of cognitive science and technologies.


On the other hand, proposals within the “c” group aim to form research cores in cognitive fields, which is pursued by defining a set of M.S and PhD thesis with the aim of reaching to a common goal.


Within this call, research proposals in the following fields will be supported: basic and applied cognitive researches based on brain mapping, clinical and cognitive neuroscience, cognitive technologies for assessment and rehabilitation, developing cognitive technologies related to brain/machine and brain/ brain interface,  cognitive modeling, developing, localization and standardization of  cognitive assessment tests, cognitive psychology, developing rehabilitation methods and tools, developing tools and technologies to study brain temporal network behavior, applied and basic research in cognitive education, cognitive  management and cognitive economy.


In second call for supporting proposals in the current year, CSTC invited all qualified researchers to complete the related forms according to “proposal registration guidelines file” within 29 October-28 November through user cartable in the council website. The deadline will not be extended.