COGC is pleased to announce the first cognitive challenge in Iran to design and develop a non-invasive DBS system.

Date : 2019-09-18

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Along with the rapid progress of DBS techniques in recent years, the application of non-invasive methods in DBS treatment gets more attention.

The first cog-challenge planned by Cognitive Science and Technologies Council is competition on breakthrough ideas and potential solutions for non-invasive DBS systems.


The challenge will be conducted as follows:


(1) Proposal Submission: Eligible individuals and entities can submit their proposals based on COGC framework, up to October, 7, 2019. The received proposals will be reviewed by Evaluation Committee, and the top ones will go to the next stage: computer simulation.


(2) Evaluation of Computer Simulations: At this stage, the pre-selected research groups will have a period of 3 months (up to 5 January 2020) to document and simulate their idea (along with a proposal for physical implementation of their idea by groups working in electrical modality). At the end of this stage, the top 5 selected teams by referees in the Electricity Modality will go to the next stage, and the top 3 teams in the other modalities will be awarded by cash prizes.


(3) Physical Implementation of the Idea: Selected proposals of the first stage in the Electrical Modality will have a period of 4 months (up to 4 May 2020) for physical implementation of their idea while completing the technical and financial documents of their project.


(4) Final Evaluation: At the end of the implementation phase, the technical and financial documents as well as the sample provided by each participant will be evaluated by a jury to select the best design in Electrical Modality.


Further information on the challenge is available at and interested applicants may contact the for any other  questions.