About CSTC

About CSTC

Cognitive Science and Technologies Council (CSTC) is a national agency founded in 2011 to plan for, and support the advancement of cognitive science and technologies in Iran. The council promotes research in cognitive science, and development of its related technologies and services by supporting scientific examination of mind, brain and cognition.

Members of the executive committee of the Council have joined the faculty members and researchers from a broad range of fields such as Psychology, Linguistic, Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy of Mind, Education, Anthropology, and Neuroscience to constitute an interdisciplinary management and granting body for advancement of cognitive science. The intersection of different academic backgrounds has crossed the traditional educational boundaries to facilitate cutting edge research in services, science, and technology development. The collaboration has led to new techniques and methodologies to answer one common interest: understanding the nature of the human mind. Some of the techniques and tools used to conduct research in this competitive field include: EEG, Eye Tracking, fMRI, PET, MEG, fNIRS, Optogenetics, Neural Recording, Brain Stimulation, and Computational Simulation &Modeling.

Our Mission

Our mission in CSTC is to promote fundamental and applied innovative research in cognitive science and technologies. As a leading policy making agency, CSTC attempts to provide resources to universities, institutions, faculty members, students and researchers to pursue their research in the field. We attempt to focus on different perspectives of this interdisciplinary field, and support researchers with diverse skills to undertake a vast range of progressive activities.

CSTC aims to develop a collaborative environment for researchers from areas such as psychology, linguistics, neuroscience, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, computer science, engineering, and mathematics. Moreover, CSTC promotes national and international research partnerships between researchers, students, faculties, industries, and community based organizations.

CSTC focuses on the following goals:

1. Developing a national network of scientists, researches, organizations, institutions, and companies that are involved in the study of cognitive science and technologies.
2. Promoting cooperation of Iranian scientists, research centers and universities with those in other parts of the world by supporting student exchange, visiting professor exchange, joint graduate programs, joint projects, and joint conferences.
3. Publishing and translating books and journals devoted to the advancement of cognitive science and technologies.
4. Promotion of basic and fundamental research on brain and its cognitive functions.
5. Developing cognitive rehabilitation programs to enhance mental fitness and improve cognitive capabilities.
6. Utilizing and developing advanced technologies and tools to conduct a vast range of research from brain behavior to computer and machine learning, and pattern recognition.
7. Developing authentic protocols and techniques for treatment of mental disorders and cognitive deficiencies.
8. Developing artificial intelligence systems inspired by the human brain and its cognitive functions.
9. Developing a model of cognitive education based on the findings of cognitive psychology and cognitive science.
10. Promoting research in philosophy of mind, as it relates to the Islamic philosophy and tradition.

To pursue these goals, CSTS has the following four departments:

1. Research, Infrastructure and Technology Development
2. Knowledge Utilization, Commercialization, and Marketing
3. Strategic Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation
4. Education, Promotion, and Human Resources