Priorities for research, development of technology and infra-structures 2014-2017

Progress and development in cognitive sciences and technologies, similar to other branches of science, is achieved through an appropriate combination of both basic and applied research works.

The main concept and the central concern of this field is to fully identify the brain-mind interaction. As a matter of fact, it seems that achieving solutions and comprehensive cognitive-based tools depends on our level of knowledge about structure and function of brain-mind interplay. However, to reach such an ideal point which seems to be far away, we can and should try to improve the quality of people’s lives via performing fundamental research and development of technology. This is mainly because many of life problems are rotted in cognitive issues and harmful environmental elements adversely affect both individual and social aspects of our life by influencing our cognitive functions. In this regard, the CSTC defines its policies and big priorities in basic and applied research as well as development of technology between 1392-1396 based on the following frame work: understanding the brain and mind, improvement and rehabilitation of cognitive functions, harm reduction in social and environmental challenges and development of cognitive technologies to improve the quality of life (applied studies, basic studies, development of technology and development of infra-structure).

It should be mentioned that the selected priorities and associated details are proportionate to the requirements and achievements as categorized below: