School of ECE’s RoboParrot among the top 10 ideas in the 2nd Idea Empowerment festival.

Date : 2016-12-20

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The “Design and development of a robot for helping children with autism” project, which was led by Dr. Hadi Moradi and started in 2014 with a support from the Cognitive Science and Technology Council, was selected among top 10 ideas from over 1000 ideas from all over Iran.

In this project a parrot like robot is designed, developed and tested for screening and rehabilitation of children with autism. This project is at its 2nd stage to be made available to clinics and practitionairs to be used across the nation. This project is a multi-disciplinary project in which Dr. Hamid Reza Pouretemad, from the school of psychology of Shahid Beheshti University, has been directly involved. The pilot study has been performed at the Center for Treatment of Autism Disorder ( This project has been successful with the involvement of many students at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. For further information, you may visit the Advance Systems in Autism Screening and Therapy.