Announcement of the 5th call for research proposal by Iran-Brazil cooperation desk (SPRINT 2017)

Date : 2017-12-07

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The Cognitive Science and Technologies Council (CSTC) and the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) are calling for research plan proposal in SPRINT frame.

The aim of this plan is to identify the existing potentials for international cooperation in cognitive sciences and technologies among the researchers of the two countries. In this regard, the exchange of distinguished researchers between Iran and Brazil (São Paulo) will be addressed to expand the cooperation and common research projects.
The Interested applicants are encouraged to read and consider the following points:

• Read carefully the “Call for proposal” section to ensure that you are qualified for this plan.
• The research proposal should be shared by Iranian researchers (an academic faculty member or head of a domestic Knowledge-based Company who are preferably the CSTC principal investigators) and Brazilian researchers from São Paulo (as the FAPESP principal investigators) based on the presented frameworks.
• It should be noted that the mentioned research proposal should be first finalized and agreed by the both Iranian and Brazilian sides. Then, Iranian researchers need to upload the required forms on CSTC website and similarly the Brazilian researchers should do the same on FAPESP website.
• The final decision for received proposals will be made independently by CSTC and FAPESP and final acceptance requires the approval from the two sides.
• The plan is open from 31/10/2017 and will be closed on 29/01/2018. This deadline will not be extended.
• The current plan (Sprint-2017) will support at most 5 research proposals.
• The CSTC’ priority is to provide support for research teams having cooperation background or those known as the pioneer teams by the CSTC.
• For more information, contact the following address: